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The simple loan for trainees

I myself started working as an apprentice. Well, school was never really my thing. Anyway, I needed money to buy a moped and drive to work every day. However, I needed money for that. And so I first tried to get a trainee loan from my bank. My 2-minute story about how I could apply for an instant loan online without my house bank.

I’ll help you to get your apprentice credit! You have completed your first year of apprenticeship? Now you need a car or a move is on and the apartment is still pretty empty? In this article, I’ll show you how to get your apprentice credit and what you should know before applying!

Apprentice should pay rent | Controversy with the father creates tension | What do you think about?

Apprentice should pay rent | Controversy with the father creates tension | What do you think about?

Trainee has to pay rent at home – fair or not fair?

Banks and apprentice loans

It is no secret that the compensation (salary / salary) of an apprentice is not very high. Therefore it is also difficult to find suitable lenders for this type of loan!

Above all, banks are very critical of trainees and apprentices. Thus, it is difficult to finance larger purchases.

So you get a training loan!


Nevertheless, if one’s own money is not enough to start his education, an apprentice loan can help. Considering that students take a lot of money for their education to finance their studies (the example of the US is extreme), then you should also think about investing in his future with a trainee apprenticeship receive!

However, what you have to consider as an apprentice, and how you can successfully get a training loan – that’s what I fix in this post.

The problem of being an apprentice to get money from banks

The problem of being an apprentice to get money from banks

Trainees usually have bad cards when it comes to taking out a loan. Long bureaucratic delays can be very frustrating – and if you get a loan cancellation after a lengthy loan request, there is no money at the end. And the frustration is rising.

So what to do? How can you avoid this frustrating and difficult process? How can you lend money immediately and easily? We specialize in getting loans for trainees. We look for suitable private lenders for you with the clear order to receive a positive credit decision.

Many apprentices are wondering if it is even possible to take out a loan during apprenticeship. The good news right away. Yes, it is possible to get a loan as an apprentice! If you want to borrow money today, then I recommend you read all the information on this page completely. If you want to loan a suitable trainee loan right away, then use my credit form now. You will receive in 2-minutes an email with a selection of suitable lenders.

First of all, here are some important and relevant information suitable for this topic.

What you as an apprentice should be careful

What you as an apprentice should be careful

Before lending, banks will check if you will be able to repay the borrowed money with interest. Among other things, they pay attention to the following requirements for a loan

  • You must be of legal age as an applicant.
  • Your trainee employment relationship must be upright
  • Is the employment indefinite?

It will be difficult for you here. As a trainee, your employment is limited to the end of the apprenticeship. In addition, you may still be in the probationary period and during this time you can be dismissed without notice. The risk can not be estimated for the bank.

  • What is the monthly income and what expenses do you have?

With a gross salary of € 900, it will be hard enough to pay enough to repay the installments. This is especially complicated if you still have to pay rent. Then there is not much left at the end of the month.

You should also remember that the monthly expenses increase, if you z. For example, buy a car from the borrowed money. So you do not only have to pay for petrol, but you also have to pay taxes, insurance and repairs.

That’s where a lot of payments come in quickly. So think about how much you’ll have left after buying a car every month to pay interest and repay. When I look at the many websites, it seems that getting a loan as an apprentice is not a big problem. In fact, you will find that it is very difficult to earn money as an apprentice. Even if you should remember that car financing for trainees should not be a problem. The reality looks very different. Banks are only lending to trainees under very specific conditions.

To get a loan as an apprentice?

To get a loan as an apprentice?

Banks often reject loan requests from trainees. Around 90% of the rejected cases are due to the fact that there are no co-applicants (guarantors). Your chances of borrowing money from the bank increase dramatically if you can provide a guarantor for your trainee loan.

Thus, it is also possible to obtain a so-called online credit immediate promise. Whether your credit is approved, then depends mostly only on the amount of the loan amount.

Small loan & loan for apprentices

Small loan & loan for apprentices

In general, most trainee loans are smaller loan amounts. Thus, these types of loans fall into the category of small loans. If your required financing amount is very low, then you can also consider a so-called credit line. With this loan your bank will give you a certain limited overdraft of your checking account.

Note: If your trainee loan has been rejected, it is advisable to talk to your house bank about a credit line! Please note one thing, the Dispo is always just a stopgap.

And in the long run not meant to use long-term financing with it! Special small loans are usually better for this purpose, as they contain better conditions in most cases. To finance a purchase, the credit line is too expensive in the long run.

The interest here is significantly higher than a conventional loan. If you stay too long with your repayments at your bank, the interest payments can quickly get over your head. If at some point you are no longer able to pay for them, that in turn has a negative effect on your credit bureau Score.

Tip: You should know your own credit rating. Read more about how you can apply for a free credit bureau self-assessment in just 3 minutes.

Car loan for trainees

Car loan for trainees

For smaller amounts, for example, for the rental deposit or the deposit for the used car, it can be easier and more nerve-friendly to ask parents or grandparents if they could lend you money. But still. Attention.

Such a well-intentioned trainee loan can also go to the back! If you get along well with your training company, you may be eligible for an advance.

The amounts are usually low and for a vacation trip or the purchase of a smartphone hardly an employer will be prepared to advance money. You can also find many private lenders on the internet. As a layman, it is on the one hand very difficult to find reputable providers.

And on the other hand very confusing to read all the different conditions, and to understand! As you can see, finding a suitable trainee loan is a tedious and difficult task. We help you with this. We take over this laborious search process for you!

Instant loan for trainees

Instant loan for trainees

So you see, it’s not so easy to get a loan as a trainee. Nevertheless, under certain conditions it is possible to obtain cheap instant loans. I advise any layman to look for the fast on the internet for loans. It is advisable to ask someone who has specialized in it. This increases your chances of getting fast money!

In any case, always be clear about what you need the money for and how you want to repay it. I recommend setting up your own income / expenses bill. This will give you an instant overview of your monthly charges!

And above all, you will also realize for yourself which affordable loan amount you have. There is also a loan for low earners without guarantors.

This is also a credit that could be in your favor! No matter which form of credit you choose last. Fast loans (also known as express loans), as well as short-term loans are usually always a bit more expensive. Even if you still want to take out a loan today – it is always advisable to not overrun!

Why? Well, banks as well as private lenders are closing a loan deal with you. And the lender earns money with interest (as well as costs and fees), which is ultimately paid by you. Many of my friends came to me very often, called me and meant ..

Bernhard, I need a loan, I urgently need money! No matter what the conditions and at any interest!

I just want to borrow money right now! Can not you help me? Whether it should be your first car or you want to finance your smartphone. As a trainee it is not very easy to get a low interest loan!

Of course, you can visit your local offices. And at any local bank ask for an apprentice credit. So you can ask your Kreissparkasse for a loan, and then immediately turn to the next bank!

The trainee loan from private lenders

The trainee loan from private lenders

If you are an apprentice, it will be difficult to qualify for an online loan! It does not matter if you are interested in a delta loan or if you work with all bank credit calculators. Obtaining a credit instant online seems to be impossible as an apprentice!

Remember: Every bank requires collateral for a loan.

That’s very clear. And if you can not show this, then you will have a very low chance of getting an apprentice credit approved! And finally, let’s not forget that banks also want to find trainees who can really afford a certain loan amount!

As an apprentice get interest-free loans?

As an apprentice get interest-free loans?

An interest-free loan is possible if you want to buy a certain small thing. In the direct purchase of consumer goods, small loans are offered directly by electricians. The trader usually likes to give you an interest-free loan. But attention. Only for a limited time.

If this period is exceeded and you have not repaid your installment at that particular time, these companies can really charge horrendous interest!

If interest rates move in a much higher interest rate than usual on the market, one also speaks of so-called usurious interest rates! So always be careful when advertising with an electrical trader. An interest-free loan is very tempting, so be sure to read the fine print. And that applies to a trainee loan!

If you are interested in getting a reputable trainee loan, then we are happy to help you with your search. Use our search order – we are looking for a suitable trainee loan for you!

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