Minicredit – so I got my mini loan immediately!


So I got a mini loan immediately on account!

So I got a mini loan immediately on account!

I needed money urgently. The loan processing of my house bank took me too long. I wanted to have a mini loan immediate payment! How I managed to get a mini loan and how I could lend money quickly without proof of income and without a bank!

So here are my experiences, what I have learned everything and my tips as well as you can apply for a mini loan with immediate payment successfully.

So I requested my mini loan immediate payment

I have summarized all this briefly and succinctly for you. Here is my story about how I could borrow money online.

Everything started with my move to Germany. Since then I had arrived in Bavaria, Munich. I had no work and therefore no income. My new lease was signed, and my rent deposit had cleared my bank account. I urgently needed money for simple purchases in the household. A new bed and a new mattress had to come from. But I did not have any money left in my bank account.

My financial situation was tense. And I asked myself the question ” How can I get a mini loan without proof of income? ” There must be a way to be able to apply for a mini loan online where the transaction must be possible in 24 hours!

Mini loan with immediate payment

But who just forgives a mini instant loan? With whom only I can apply for a mini loan At first I was very frustrated. The stress turned into frustration and anger. Why is it so damned difficult to get money? Somehow I panicked. I thought, I had to make a lot of money fast no matter how.

Mini loan from direct banks

I was really desperate. The money I needed was not for me but for my children. I moved because I had accepted a new job. But the new employer did not want to pay me in advance. Because I was a foreigner and so far had no place of residence in Germany, my credit bureau Score was not available.

The local banks had told me that processing my loan request would take 5-7 business days. That was not fast enough. For this reason, I needed a mini loan immediately on my account.

That was my only chance to get money fast. In addition, I also knew that I would pay the money I wanted to borrow immediately after my first paycheck. I just wanted to have a small loan or a mini loan for 30 days. No more and no less.

Mini loan online immediately

All the banks I had called and in which I had personally auditioned before had advertised with their advertising posters so that I could even get a mini loan with flash transfer. But when I had a conversation with the banker and explained my financial situation.

Well … there was the conversation but then quickly ended and it was with my dream of an instant loan. The answers I got from all the local banks was always the same. We are very sorry but we are not in the process of a mini loan so soon.

Mini loan from private

Relatively quickly I realized that it was the same for all banks. No bank in the world will give me a mini loan with immediate payment. And so I came up with the idea to search online for direct banks or think about how I could pick up a mini loan from private individuals.

The fast alternative so to apply for an instant loan. And so my search started on the internet.

Where can I get a mini loan?

Where can I get a mini loan?

At first, I found a lot of ads on Google. Since much was promised in which I immediately and today without questions immediately cash should be transferred to the account. After testing dozens of private lenders, I have the personal experience that most Google ads were completely useless. None of the selected private lenders could help me.

A mini lightning loan in practice

It was also incomprehensible for me to compare all offers. My requests for an express loan all failed. Although most providers had advertised immediately and immediately to pay out a mini loan There was a fast and unbureaucratic credit rejection after the laborious completion of forms.

I had tried dozens of mini loan providers. And yet I was completely unsuccessful. At that time, I was unable to borrow money in an easy way. And the biggest problem I had was the fact that I did not have a job and could not provide any proof of income. It was really grueling and disappointing! How can I get a loan without salary?

How can I get a mini loan quickly?

I got more information. And then I found out that it is possible to apply for a mini loan even without proof of income. The prerequisite for this was that I could raise a guarantor. Because a citizen could stand well for my debts if I could not raise the money.

Nevertheless, I was not helped with a guarantor. Because I did not know anyone in Germany. And I did not have any friends in Munich at the time. Therefore, the option of applying for a mini loan immediately with a citizen died for me. So my search continued.

Mini loan immediately for the unemployed

Mini loan immediately for the unemployed

I tried to be as brave as possible in my situation. And I did not give up trying to get a mini instant loan. After a painstaking search I finally made it. I found a reputable private lender that was able to lend money even in my financial situation.

Today I have made it my mission to help people who are in a similar situation. And that is why I have put together in a list that private lender that allowed me to borrow money in my financial emergency.

Where can I get a mini loan?

Where can I get a mini loan?

Your situation can be quite similar but also completely different. That’s why I put together a 2 minute search request. This is a simple form where you will receive a list of matching private lenders by email in less than 2 minutes.

So you can quickly and easily find reputable online mini-loans

So you can quickly and easily find reputable online mini-loans

Use this search request and receive a list of providers immediately sent by email. Among other things, there are also private money lenders who also grant a loan for trainees. In addition, there is also the possibility of a personal loan for entrepreneurs. I hope that with the search order you can also take advantage of cheap small loans. Whether you want to apply for a mini loan as a student or as a trainee or pensioner.

So you can get a mini loan immediately online!

Why I needed a mini loan – and how I got it quick and easy.

I report in this article – and I openly open as you can come online to a cheap mini loan. Unfortunately, misfortune rarely comes alone. I only recently felt that in my own body. I was traveling quite fast with my cart, and already the police had me on the wrap.

There was no complaining and no request, I got a fine of 80 Euro. To save me an even more expensive ad, I paid on the spot. And now it was time. I needed money again. So I immediately google money and tried to find out how and where I could lend myself to the fast money!

And in this case, I needed a mini loan for the fine immediately on the account.

ATTENTION: If you want to go fast, you will find a search order at the end of this article. We are looking for you providers where you can borrow money online immediately.

With my last money, because it was also – how could it be otherwise – at the end of the month. A full four days to the next salary, but my debit loan on my bank was already on the limit.

Yet. I needed cash immediately without ifs and buts. I needed money on the spot, but not much, but it had to come. And that dalli dalli. And there came the magic word mini-credit in play!

My first thought was of course to beg my friends, but unfortunately they were just as broke as me. But at least one brought me the saving idea: a mini loan had to come, and immediately.

Mini loans, what’s that? Are there really private lenders for mini loans? My initial idea was even worse than I thought. Because I had just arrived in Munich. And I had not started my new job yet.

I had no official work. And my friends had already told me that lending money to the unemployed was an impossible task. Nobody would give me a mini loan without a fixed income. And then my first question came up. Can I even get a loan without income?

Low-interest small loan

Until then, I had never heard of a mini-loan, but I quickly got smart. And believe me, if hunger gnaws, then you quickly get hot on mini loans. A “mini-loan immediately” was needed, and I quickly found it on the internet: a private loan or a mini-loan 500 was the first thing I noticed in a well-known bank. Really nice, but that was clearly too much of a good thing.

Above all, the banks had already let me all “schmorren”. Yes, you “blew me” all of you fast. And so of course I came to the idea of ​​generally forgetting the banks and better to take a personal loan. I just wanted a microloan, a mini-loan, but with such small fish banks do not give up.

In my further search for the right product, among other things, I ended up with the credit comparison and private lenders for a home purchase, and I continued to come with beautiful regularity on the homepages of various banks, which asked me very difficult, that I should necessarily take a loan.

Credit, yes, but how do I get money in my situation? I did not need a $ 500 loan nor did I need a 200000 loan. No, I was just looking for a lender to help me out with a whopping 80 euros. I still needed money today and it had to be feasible.

What exactly can the mini loan do?

Well, you need a lender who has a tailor made offer for you. Is this synonymous for a mini loan? The good answer is yes. You do not need 2000 Euro credit, you do not need a loan over 500 Euro, no, you just need a much smaller amount.

The huge advantage of such a microcredit is also its duration. And that it is easier to get a credit immediate loan. Because that is, as it is for such a small loan with 500 euros, also only in the category mini credit. The running time is actually only hours. Because you must not forget, in a few days fresh money lands from your employer on your account!

I also want to mention one thing. It is highly recommended that you improve your credit bureau Score under all circumstances. No matter what the financing is. That always helps. So it would be completely nonsensical to take out a loan with immediate commitment, which brings a longer term with it. Longer term naturally means more interest for you. And you certainly do not want that.

You need a euro loan, which can be smoothed out in no time, which dissolves in a short time, so to speak, back in the air, so you’re off the hook. Even if you are forced to take a installment loan without collateral, make sure that the term is as short as possible.

The money must be fast!

The money must be fast!

So your motto is: I need a loan and I need a loan online instant promise. And the duration should last at best only 15 days, in the worst case, a maximum of 30 days! No matter whether it is a mini loan or a small loan. You want cash on your account as soon as possible! So you start your search on the internet.

Only start it if you meet the following criteria. You have to be of legal age, you must be a resident and you must have a regular income that is at least several hundred euros per month. There are different specifications from provider to provider. Finding private money lenders can be very frustrating.

Above all, comparing all offers can be very time consuming. For this reason I recommend you to use my search request. In just 2 minutes, you will receive a list of selected private lenders who are interested in quickly and easily lending money to your case! Without the search, you search for hours on the Internet for providers.

And in the end, you will also receive a credit cancellation, as this can not possibly grant your short-term credit due to its terms and conditions. In general, you must also be clear that you are handicapped as a first customer. It is logical: the lender does not pay in the blue, but needs documents. To get them and process them (at the financial institution) just needs his time.

This is usually the case with a mini loan. Once you’ve backed up all the important data and they’ve been positively reviewed, then your next Clark Credit can really be processed and approved very fast. Your data are on – there the thing runs as it were lubricated to be able to lend you money immediately!

Money repayment

Money repayment

One thing I would like to anticipate. Each of us needs money every day. I need money, you need money .. we are all tied to it. The repayment of such a mini-loan can be carried out in various ways. The lender has obtained some basic data from you, including your account number at your house bank and, of course, your home address known.

It does not matter if it’s an express, flash or microcredit loan. Depending on the duration of your online loan (usually 15 to a maximum of 45 days) and depending on the amount (usually 100 to 500 euros), the amount due is simply debited from your account or you will receive an invoice to pay immediately is – yes, even if it is a mini loan!

No matter where and how you want to take out a loan. The principle is always the same. Basically, one can say that a low-interest small loan for many of these online providers is still possible even if credit bureau entries or messages exist at a credit protection association. Some lenders offer you an emergency loan as an income-free student.

Through which actually relatively quickly raise money. Not so easy can make the instant promise for pensioners. Many providers have an age limit, which usually moves around the 70 years. In general, however, you have to stick with it: taking a small loan is still possible, even if your house bank has already rattled: “Not with us!”.

Separating wheat from chaff

So, you find providers very fast. But you have to take care. As I said, a small loan over 500 euros or a loan over 3000 euros, they are still uninteresting for you, you need the best loan and this is a short-term loan or you just want to take a very small loan.

That it should be a soft loan, that goes without saying. But beware: best interest does not always mean best credit! Since you have to pay attention to the additional costs, and there are huge differences in the various providers. So keep your eyes open – this also applies to a credit card without credit bureau.

We guarantee the best interest rate. You will always read that where. There you should be twice as careful. Because in most cases this is just fly-catching! Even if you think it’s ridiculous because your case may be a mini loan. You must be aware that such loan credits and overdrafts are not comparable to a normal bank loan.

But you have the advantage of this short term. You should not forget that. With a so-called loan without interest, you can close the homepage. Since you only need to turn on your common sense. A lock offer, nobody forgives or lends money for free. Borrowing money (of course) is an investment!

And that’s egeal if someone offers you a bridging loan or some other form of financing. But what do you really want now? Well, you want a quick loan, you want to borrow a short-term loan with a cash immediate payout! You want to have a personal loan without proof of income and you want to have this loan immediately.

So look out for a provider who even gives you credit counseling, which of course has to be free. This brings us to another important point. Because consider: such a credit counseling is of course far more difficult for a provider who works abroad, even with a mini loan.

So be especially careful with foreign providers: And yes. There are different requirements for a loan here. Safety first! Because you go here in completely foreign legal area, and you should actually report this risk. Even if you are offered a loan of 100000 or a loan of 30000 on really great terms, a second or even third look is worth it.

Especially if you are interested in short-term loans. Because sometimes the appropriate financial institution is represented by an office in your home country, but the company’s headquarters are then on a small island (possibly not even in the EU). And of course, the foreign legal obligations apply. That does not seem very inviting.

Think and reach for the calculator

Think and reach for the calculator

It is also important to pay attention to the various interest calculators, which of course every lender has installed on his homepage. The fact that the “publisher” performs best is probably obvious. Therefore, it is advisable to even take the calculator in your own hand and independently calculate the comparison between the various mini credit providers.

Mathematics and interest bills are incorruptible, so I do not need it! Yes, in principle, but different frameworks can confuse, lead to incorrect results and ultimately cost you unnecessary money. Lenders are cracked, that’s a fact, and they want to make big bucks with you.

And if it has to be over various detours. Often mini loans are associated with various special offers. The providers pretend the additional security: still fast processing, no research on your financial situation. Default insurance against possible non-repayment, official extension of credit term, and so on and so forth.

Everything sounds very nice and nice – but everything is connected with additional costs for you. And if you then pay a few euros here and a few euros, then you are suddenly miles away from a cheap Best credit. Then perhaps your simple overdraft on your own Volksbank would be much cheaper.

Private lend money today – this is how it works.

This super mini loan, or best credit, does not just have to offer the best terms. He has more to do. Of course, you have to apply for the small loan at any time, even on Saturday or Sunday. Because the hunger is not waiting, right? So you need cash on your account immediately!

And the provider must be reliable and there must work quickly, otherwise the inclusion of this Eilkredites so completely meaningless. With good providers, the application over the Internet is done in a few minutes. That’s a matter of course. Even if you are just a “mini customer” with your microcredit, there is no other matter to be taken for granted: You should be treated in a friendly and respectful manner if you inform yourself directly about the terms of your future loan.

If this is not the case, hang up and search the Internet for another, hopefully more comfortable financial institution. Of course, a credit bureau entry or registration in a credit protection association should not be an obstacle on the way to this direct credit. In general, should the financial institution of your choice charge high upfront fees, then you should decide for yourself whether this service and the charged costs are also worthwhile. Yes, even if it is a mini credit.

If the expenses are too high, take up your search for the best possible loan again! Because loan sharks are also available on the Internet, and before you put you in these guys in the nettles, would be in cheaper (albeit long-term) credit at your Volksbank probably the smarter solution.

Mini credit comparisons – Yes, compare, compare!

Mini credit comparisons - Yes, compare, compare!

Where can I get the cheapest loan? That’s the all-important question. And even if you find the conditions for your loan in order, if you are granted a loan without collateral, if you have an instant loan and you also feel that you are getting a reputable loan, then think again for the very last time, whether you should take this loan.



Look at the terms of your house bank instead. Because nothing would be stupider, as if you take up a mini loan, whose conditions would be worse than the current account credit of your own bank! If you can not do anything with this term: it means a short-term overdraft of your current account on very special terms (= low interest rates!), Which is repayable at any time!

I can not repay my mini credit on time

I can not repay my mini credit on time

If you have not paid the money to your lender after the end of the term (usually 15 or maximum 30 days) for your small loan, then the thing is expensive – and really expensive! Even if it should be a car loan. In most cases, you will be suspended for another seven days.

Of course, the interest continues to run, what is now added, reminder fees that vary from provider to provider. But they all have one thing in common: they are more than happy. A reminder fee of nine euros may not seem dramatic to you for the time being. But given the borrowed sum of a few hundred euros, this is of course an extra bonus (profit) for the lender.

Percentage, this is your supergau . And do not forget, at the latest after the third reminder and the non-closing of your mini loan, the lenders are allowed to turn on collection companies – which they usually do.

Surprising and unloved visits by employees of these companies are still the smallest evil. Much worse, now run even more costs (expenses of the collection agency), which of course you have to settle.

Several mini-loans at the same time?

Let’s say you need more than this 80 euros for your fine, maybe 200 or 300 or even 500 euros. And since you’re a smart guy, you’re just thinking about taking in a few mini credits.

Will that work? Well, I have only one answer for you – short, concise, but incontrovertible: “No!” At least if you stick to a provider, you have no chance at the same two or more loans (even if it is “only” small loans ). All providers are: one by one. Meaning, you take out a mini loan or loan, pay it back, and then you can apply for another loan.

You can safely forget this supposedly smart move! So, if you need a bigger sum now, then you have to say goodbye to the idea of ​​a microcredit. But then you have many other options. Even if you need a small loan immediately. Common to all is that you need a loan with immediate payment.

It makes no difference to you whether it is a loan from a bank or a loan from the trusted financial institution or an instant loan for the self-employed. Now it’s all about finding reputable loans, whether the loan amount is 1000, 10000 or 100000 euros. Furthermore, you have to say goodbye to a big, decisive advantage of a mini-credit – namely the short-term maturity.

As tempting as the offerings of banks or lenders may sound, you must of course be aware that long maturities mean larger repayments. At least in total. Your installment loan may not seem so bad to you, but if you’re clever, be sure to pay.

It is not for nothing that banks or financial institutions want to tie you to their interest rate leash in the long term. They secretly cheer if they can hold you for years. Because that’s your win! Which terms do you have to expect with mini loans with a sum of one thousand to several thousand euros?

Well, the absolute minimum in this category is twelve months, but it can sometimes be 36 months. If it’s about a mini loan or a loan in the range of thousands of euros, then you will probably go once in the lending the classic way and go to the bank of your confidence.

Now it does not matter if you, as a retiree, are claiming a loan or need a larger sum, even though you only have a fixed-term employment contract. It does not matter if you fill out the form for a quick online loan or go directly to your bank adviser: the banks’ machinery is starting to run.

Your income is compared to the possible loan amount, any collateral is queried or demanded. And maybe your hoped for instant loan loan will just be a dream come true in minutes. That can happen to you very well even with such a small loan.

Since the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009, regulators have been scrutinizing the banks for credit. Then you can even experience your blue (credit) miracle even as a civil servant (and therefore with a secure income). Not to mention corporate loans or loans for the self-employed. Of course the conditions are a lot harder.

Bank, loan portals, P2P

Bank, loan portals, P2P

Anyone who fails with his desire for a loan from the classic bank will end up with so-called credit portals. The portals allow a quick comparison, there are no fixed dates with your bank adviser. That clearly saves time – at least at first glance. Because the portals work not only with private donors together, but also with banks – and finally you can not ignore the obligatory income checks.

You can not show pay slips, you can not show any collateral? It all looks very familiar and the disappointment may only be postponed. Another option on a short-term loan or a loan is the request for peer-to-peer loan portals – or “private” loan portals.

Behind all these credit portals are other individuals who want to get their money working and therefore lend. The credit portal acts as an intermediary between the lender and the borrower. But of course, the P2P loan portals, which are committed to their lenders, also insist on collateral.

And again, the less security, the higher your interest rates! What are the opportunities for corporate loans or self-employment loans on these P2P loan portals? Honestly not very good. Here the ratio between desired loan sums and disbursement modalities and corresponding securities collates rarely.

Also to be considered are the processing fees. In common usage, a loan is equated to a loan. Legally, there are subtle differences. A credit agreement is valid with the signature of the partners, in the case of a loan, on the other hand, a transfer of the money must take place before the legal liability is given.

The fees are different. In general, a loan raises 0.8%, which is swallowed by the tax office, while a loan is 1.5% due for a minimum period of five years. You see, in times like these even a mini-loan over 10,000 euros is very difficult to get. An instant online loan guarantee is guaranteed.

But filtering out an online microcredit with the best conditions, despite a variety of offers a hard piece of work, in addition to interest costs one thing – time for a very accurate research!

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